Nicole Grennan

I’m a writer and editor. Previously, I was the Community Educator/Organizer with ERASE Racism and a UX recruiting consultant for The New York Times. I hold a dual-B.S. from CUNY Brooklyn/Macaulay Honors College in English and Physics, with an interdisciplinary minor in New York City Studies. 

My writing

I have written for publications like Womanly Mag, The Wine Zine, Life & Thyme, and others, below, usually about labor, food, and identity. I also sometimes write about romance on my Substack, Sick Day. It’s free and infrequent! 

   By transcending plastic-wrapped snacks, we can taste freedom

    On the Workers in the Vineyard: Some Thoughts on Power and Labor (Wine Zine 06, print only! But you should just buy it it’s a great pub)

   How Food Delivery Service Apps Obscure the Humans Behind Them   
   Community Organizer Fellowship Profile: ERASE Racism

  Our Hunger is Political: How food insecurity and mutual aid are changing the political landscape on the ground.

    When Language is Violence

    Solidarity Is Our Strongest Vaccine

    Electron Beam Welding Molybdenum

    God Is A Question and Virginity Is Folklore

    On Peeling Potatoes and Imparting Intimacy: The Autobiographical Cookbook (research)

Other people’s writing that I’ve edited

for publishing houses like Columbia University Press, Oxford University Press, and The New School, and independent publications like The Wine Zine, can be found here:

    The Wine Zine 03

    The Future of National Development Banks

    International Policy Rules and Inequality: Implications for Global Economic Governance

    The Role of BRICS in the World Economy & International Development

    Do Refugees Impact Voting Behavior in the Host Country? Evidence from Syrian Refugee Inflows in Turkey

    State Retirement Reform: Lifting Up Best Practices

If you want to get in touch with me, it’s best to reach out by email: nicolexgrennan[at] 